Additional Apps/Modules that accelerate the benefits of Business Central

Once you have gone live with Business Central it's important to start looking at additional modules and custom offerings that allow you to streamline your business processes. We will have a look at a selection of our own apps and third-party apps which can improve your user experience and increase company productivity. Utilizing these apps can assist your business by improving inventory management, facilitating transactions between trading partners, increasing employee productivity, and creating reports in real-time.


Warehouse Management (Barcode Scanning App for WMS)

Our Barcode Scanning App for WMS is designed to help your business become more productive. This application will improve your inventory management, picking accuracy, and warehouse efficiency. Put an end to frequent overages, shortages, and stock-outs and improve your inventory control. We can also customize the app for customizations done in Business Central 


EDI365 Connector (Electronic Data Integration)

Using an EDI connector will ensure that you can facilitate painless transactions amongst many trading partners. This tool is used by many businesses to carry out their business operations with efficiency in less time. EDI365 works to make transmitting standard business documents easy and simple. We have experience working with trading partners such as Wayfair, Walmart, Amazon, and Home Depot. With the help of our EDI365, business processes can be executed at a much faster rate compared to the traditional method of sending information through email.


Moniroo Time Management

Our Moniroo Time Management app for Dynamics 365 Business Central is here to increase your employees' productivity and your company's profitability. The app allows you to manage all your employee’s time in Dynamics 365 Business Central, while users use Moniroo to input their timesheets. We provide core PSA functions that include time management, expense management, and more. Moniroo was designed to help streamline business operations and optimize efficiency.


Jet Reports/ Jet Hub (Reporting)

Jet Reports is a business reporting solution built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central which gives you the flexibility to create reports in real-time. This allows you to get the latest information from your database. Jet Reports integrates into excel allowing you to extract real-time data efficiently while also eliminating errors and risk. Our Team at WebSan can Integrate Jet Report for your business provides a package solution that has over 100+ Core Financial Reports along with the option for building customized reports.


Contact our experts as WebSan so that we can evaluate which additional apps/modules we would recommend specifically to meet your business needs. Whether you are a rapidly growing company looking to automate processes and improve decision making or you are simply looking to gain more control over your business and your information, WebSan Solutions can help you succeed.

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