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Barcode Scanning App for WMS

Designed To Help Your Business Become More Productive. Discover our user-friendly Barcode Scanning app for Business Central.

Are you having trouble managing your warehouse inventory? Do you have items that come up missing? Are you experiencing frequent overages, shortages, and stock-outs?

Managing inventory for a business of any size usually means you must process hundreds or thousands of orders in a day; barcoding fills in accuracy gaps that can significantly improve inventory control.

That's where our barcoding system comes in; it will empower you to get rid of pen and paper and ditch cumbersome spreadsheets.

Improve your inventory management, picking accuracy and warehouse efficiency by contacting us today.


  • PO Receiving (Receive the PO in inventory and put it away)

  • Inventory Inquiry
  • Include Bins in transactions and putaway
  • Lot/Serial Management (Item Tracking)

Sales Shipment Processing

  • Pick/Pack/Ship
  • Label printing

Compatible Devices:

  • Datalogic
  • Honeywell
  • And more!
  • We can also customize the app for customizations done in Business Central ie : receiving

Supported Editions: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Essential Edition and Premium Edition

PRICE: $60 per device

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