Tracing Transactions Account Entries

A common issue in Dynamics GP processing is determining whether transactions originating in your sub-ledger (Sales/Purchasing Modules) have actually created a subsequent Journal Entry in financials for the specified distributions.  Clients often will post a transaction in purchasing not belonging to a batch and assume it has posted to their General Ledger. Since transactions are only posted through to the GL when belonging to a batch that has been posted, confusion often follows as to whether the correct accounts have been posted to. Perform the following steps to help reconcile and trace transaction account entries.

1) Depending on the transaction (Sales or Purchasing) document, navigate to the appropriate module in GP. For this example we will use the Sales Module

2) Upon entering the Sales module, select the Transaction by Customer option to open the Receivables Transaction Inquiry – Customer window as shown below:

3) Enter the Customer ID for the transaction which will bring up a listing of all transactions for the customer. Alternatively, you can then filter for a specific document number to narrow down your search results:

4) Once you find the document in question, select the document line such that it is highlighted and click the Document Number hyperlink (Column Title) to bring up the Sales Transaction Inquiry Zoom as shown below. Here you can view further information relating to the document (Note the date of the document for reference purposes). Once you have this window open, select Distributions:

5) The Sales Distribution Inquiry Zoom window will open and provide further details as to what accounts were hit for the specific documents. You should make note of these account numbers for the next step in the tracing process (In the example below, 00-1200-00 and 00-1300-00 are the two accounts affected):

6) Once you have noted down the account numbers, you can verify these accounts were affected by checking the specific account entry details within the Financial Module. Select Financial from the left navigation pane  and click Summary within the Inquiry window and enter one of the account numbers previously noted:

7) You will now be presented with a summary of entries for this specific account by month. Select the month in which the document was posted (For this example, the document was posted in November). Once the month is highlighted, select any of the four hyperlinks (Debit, Credit, New Change or Period Balance) to drill further into that month and view specific entries:

8) From here, you will notice the $300 that was debited to 00-1200-00 on November 20th, 2013 based on the original sales document being posted. This is confirmation the appropriate amounts were affected for the specific transaction

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