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Electronic Purchase Requisition App

Web-based purchasing app that is designed to create, approve and monitor the status of electronic requisitions at a glance.

Our purchase requisition app breaks down the limitations of traditional purchase requisitions processes. Our app allows companies to leverage expense control benefits without incurring the associated financial overhead or administrative burden. It helps to eliminate paper forms. Use our electronic purchase requisition app and become a paper-free organization!


  • Routing and approvals – automatic routing and approvals give you operational efficiency as well as record-keeping
  • Budget Tracking – Approvers can understand the budget impact of a request before making a decision
  • Control Spending – Gain access to comments and adjustments and track history displayed on the requisition app


  • Send information such as general ledger, item, vendor and currency from Moniroo (Purchase Req. System) to Business Central
  • Create different approval cycles for supervisors and create thresholds
  • Business Central dimensions are supported
  • View account budgets at a glance
  • Receive automatic notifications when purchase requisitions are over budget

Supported Editions

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Supported Countries

Canada and United States


$12 per user/per month (Also includes the Time and Expense module)

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