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Why choose WebSan Solutions?

Our customers are the experts in the solutions we provide!

How long has WebSan been in business?

WebSan has been incorporated since 2000 and has more than 30 employees in Toronto. We are one of the largest Cloud Hosting providers of Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 for Sales in Canada and have clients all over North America in all time zones. We are hosting provider of Dynamics GP and Dynamics for Sales, in addition to being a full-service, Silver Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner.

How is WebSan different from other Microsoft Partners?

WebSan is dedicated to helping all businesses make better decisions by improving their access to important company data and information. By providing our clients with integrated, end-to-end business solutions, we help them to streamline and automate business processes across all functional departments, while eliminating manual, redundant procedures. We allow your people to focus more on providing excellent service, and performing their job duties efficiently, so your company can continue to grow and prosper.

With a client portfolio including everything from Fortune 500 companies, to small and medium sized enterprises, WebSan has the industry experience and technology expertise to help businesses, just like yours, improve and grow. We offer 24/7 support to clients all over the world, and staff only the brightest and best in the business. That means you get professional, practical advice and solutions from a dependable team of technology experts you can trust.

What can WebSan offer my business?

Our positioning statement reflects what we believe:

"For companies who must have more robust business management and control software tailored to their needs, WebSan is the Microsoft platform specialist who collaborates with you to deliver affordable, on-demand, customizable solutions".