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This app allows companies to track any contractual agreements they have with their vendors.

With this module, users can enter the key details, dates and stakeholders of their contract and then begin tracking any of that important information. 


  • Date Tracking: Track and receive notifications on important dates related to your contract's life, such as renewal or expiry dates. Send out an automated email notification to anyone you want, according to the dates you set. Email notifications can be custom-made with a unique message to send to your stakeholders. 

  • Purchase Assignment: Link purchase orders & invoices to your contract to keep track of any purchases made under contract. Set an annual contract budget to limit how many users can purchase against the contract. Receive email notifications when a purchase is made for the contract.

  • Vendor Contract Item Pricing: Set unique item pricing that you agreed upon with your vendor and use that pricing on your purchases.

  • Contract Clauses and Conditions: Set specific clauses or conditions such as termination fees or notice criteria on the contract and set email reminders advising on these clauses and conditions.

  • Cloud Storage: Attach and store any notes and documents on the contract instead of locally on your computer.

With the Vendor Contract Maintenance app, companies can have peace of mind knowing their contracts are securely stored in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central so that important dates, milestones and conditions are met.


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