The Future of Business Central and Key Investments into the Microsoft Ecosystem

In today's blog, we will highlight additional investments Microsoft is looking to add to its ecosystem, detailed by Sherief Ibrahim, GM of Business Applications at Microsoft.

Dynamics 365 Business Central already provides a comprehensive cloud solution that allows users to work seamlessly with Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Teams, Excel, and the Power Platform with AI-infused throughout.

Here are some key statistics from 2019-2021

Year 2019 2020
Partners selling BC 1,400+ 3,300+
App source solutions450+1800+
# Of customers2,00020,000

"When it comes to Microsoft's investing goal for Business Central, it's all about creating an all-in-one system that connects user's entire business and brings them an abundance of functionality that allows them to do more with less as well," stated Sherief Ibrahim, GM of Business Applications at Microsoft.

SMBs are embracing the cloud and utilizing innovations that only larger companies had access to in the past. The investment Microsoft is making into the Dynamics 365 Ecosystem is immense.

Some of the exciting innovations to the Dynamics 365 ecosystem include:

  • Take your business on the go: The ability to work on the go with full capabilities on desktop, tablet, mobile, on-premise, Android, and iOS devices, providing a consistent experience across all devices.
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central connectivity: Connect with Excel, Outlook, and Teams, allowing users to access Excel within Business Central to view data and create transactions, interact with customers and vendors directly from Outlook, and share Business Central data within Microsoft Teams conversations and tabs.
  • An AppSource library with 2,500+ Apps: Microsoft has continued to invest in AppSource by hiring additional resources to help ISVs build on their platform and create more awareness for customers regarding what's apps are available.
  • Power Platform: Microsoft is incorporating AI builder into the Power Platform, which allows users to easily find specific templates or receive recommendations by typing or speaking their desired actions into the search bar. This feature is part of Microsoft's effort to make it simpler for users to utilize the technology and quickly gain access to valuable solutions.

A Power Migration Tool to move you to the cloud:

Microsoft is investing in cloud capabilities as its primary direction while providing enhanced support for on-premise deployment. This allows SMBs to continue using their on-premise systems while also transitioning to the cloud at their own pace. The company is also offering a bridge-to-cloud option, allowing SMBs to run both on-premise and cloud systems simultaneously, enabling them to test and make the transition at their convenience. Additionally, Microsoft is working on offering solutions that make the transition as cost-effective and easy as possible in an effort to encourage users to move to the cloud sooner.

Microsoft is working to improve connectivity between Business Central and other Office applications such as Teams and Excel. This is evident in their roadmap, which includes additional templates, increased administrative capabilities, and the ability to view the environment in a single console. The company aims to enhance the user experience by providing better integration between the different applications.

Dynamics 365 Business Central 2023 release wave 1 investment areas road map:

To learn more about the future of Business Central, Andrew King, Managing Director of WebSan Solutions Inc., interviews Sherief Ibrahim, GM of Business Applications at Microsoft, to explore the upcoming features and capabilities of Business Central.

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