Get Your Head out of the Clouds: 3 Reasons to Consider Switching to Hosted Microsoft Dynamics GP

Contemplating the security of your company’s data or server backups may make you want to just keep your head in the clouds. Although much consideration should be made when deciding between going hosted or on-premise for your ERP system, going hosted offers some crucial benefits that cannot be overlooked. Here are the top three reasons why switching to hosted for your ERP system is worth the effort:


Going hosted means that you no longer need to worry about the state and security of your data. Your hosting provider’s data center can ensure that data is backed up. You can go about your day knowing that you’ll always have access to your data.

2.Technical Know-How

Securing your data in the cloud and having a hosting vendor means that you can leave all the technical terms to the guys who know them best. You no longer have to think of “customizations,” “compliance” or “rebooting” and instead focus on the data at hand and performing your day to day tasks.


Hosted Dynamics GP caters to all businesses. Whether you’re working for a small company that’s just starting out, a mid-sized company looking to reach new heights or a large company delivering services across multiple cities, hosted Dynamics GP scales and grows according to your business’ needs.

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