Copying Custom VBA Forms

If you find yourself always starting from scratch when creating custom VBA forms in Dynamics GP even though you've created other similar forms in the past, here's a little trick to save yourself some time:

1. Find a similar VBA form that you have already created and export that form to a package file using the Customization Maintenance window.

2. Browse to where you saved the package file and open the file in a text editor (such as Notepad).

3. Here you can do 2 key things that you can't do directly in Dynamics GP's VBE window.  The first thing you can do is change the name of the form by simply doing a Find & Replace and changing the existing form name to the new name you want to use.  The second thing you can do is change the Product ID.  You'll notice that when you create a form in a standard Dynamics GP module, you can't use it in Project Accounting (or other add-on modules).  By changing the Product ID at the top of the package file, you can make the form available in a different module.  So if you originally created the form for the Customer Maintenance window (Product ID 0), simply change the Product ID to 258 to now make it available in Project Accounting.

4. Save your changes to the package file.

5. Import the package file back into GP and notice it imports into the Product you specified and with the new name that you specified.

6. Make any other changes you need to the Form

7. Take an extra long coffee break!

Rahim Jiwani is an Implementation Lead at WebSan Solutions Inc, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Silver Partner 2013 Canadian Channel Elite Awards Finalist. Rahim can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 416-499-1235 ext 217.

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