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Timeresources Moniroo

Time Features

  • Manage timesheet increments
  • Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Track your employee’s time by client/project/task
  • Add notes to your work items
  • Enter and modify timesheets using copy prior
  • Get automated messages and alerts for incomplete timesheets
  • Customize your standard work day
  • Upload timesheets using an Excel template
  • Setup non-working days
  • Enter time for different companies
  • Progress Bar enables you to keep track of how many hours are booked for a project
  • Upload timesheets on behalf of someone
  • Submit timesheets in chronological order
  • Ability to print time sheets

Expense Features

  • Track your employee expenses including travel, vehicle mileage, hotel, tips and other work-related expenses
  • Handles Canadian tax and VAT (value added tax)
  • Hassle-free expense reimbursement
  • Manage multi-currency expenses
  • Upload attachments to your expense claim
  • Set expense limits
  • Upload expenses using an Excel template
  • Add notes to your expenses
  • Select configured project categories before submitting an expense
  • View your expenses at a glance
  • Attach expense documents using Excel, Word, and PDF
  • Set expense approval limits