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Questions & Answers


Does WebSan offer Teams training?

We do offer catered training.  However, we encourage customers to review Microsoft's extensive training library that is available at no charge: 


Does WebSan supply phone hardware for Teams?

No.  We can make recommendations, but usually clients will source their own phones or headset hardware.


Is there a cost to deploy Teams calling functionality?

Users will require Office E5 licenses with a Phone System and Domestic Calling Plan license per user.  Common Area Phone licenses are also typically required for shared spaces.  Many clients will deploy Teams calling functionality on their own, however, if assistance is required, WebSan charged a flat fee of $1500.  This covers training, assigning phone numbers, etc. 


How long does it typically take to deploy Teams calling functionality?

The process from start to finish is 1 week.  During that time, we will provision licensing, perform both staff training and Q&A as well as a post-deployment enhancement session.