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  • Are you losing sleep over the uncertainty of your inventory management?

    According to a recent industry study, a staggering 63% of businesses share your fear of stockouts or overstock situations. These uncertainties can result in substantial revenue losses, damaged customer relationships, and operational chaos.

  • But what if there was a way to transform this fear into relief?

    Imagine having the ability to accurately predict your inventory needs with remarkable accuracy. Say goodbye to overstocked shelves and missed sales opportunities forever!

  • Act now and make your inventory nightmares a thing of the past!

    Join the ranks of successful businesses that have made the switch to our Automated Inventory Forecasting app, and watch your profits soar.

The Auto Inventory Forecasting application allows you to predict how much inventory you may need to meet future sales demands

This app works by looking at historical sales data and trends within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Set how far back you want to look at your historical data and how far forward you want to predict your sales demands.

Use the Auto Inventory Forecasting application with Microsoft Azure AI Forecasting extensions to look deeper into your data and find accurate trends. The AI Forecasting extension will use calculations and statistical models to make your forecast.

You can also choose from one of five models to dynamically calculate safety stock. When activated, this will factor in your desired service level and update safety stock values per item in Business Central.

Forecasting future sales demands based on historical data and trends can help your company avoid overstocking inventory or not having enough inventory to meet your sales demands. Downloading our app will result in better strategic sales, significant cost savings and a more efficient inventory turnover for your business.

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English (United States), French, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Deutsch, Hindi, Vietnamese, Danish, Arabic, Italian, Japanese and Russian

Release Notes: - June 2024 - June 5, 2024

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