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Microsoft Azure vs Private Cloud Hosting

When choosing the right cloud solution, it's important to consider the features and functionalities that would best fit your organization. We've put both Microsoft's Azure, a public cloud infrastructure and WebSan's private cloud hosting up for comparison to see the advantages and limitations of both.


 Microsoft Azure 

Private Cloud Hosting

 No geographical restrictions making access easy. However, this feature also means your server can  be in  a different country which may be  governed  by a different set of privacy and  security regulations. 

Higher level of security (especially ideal for users who  need to store and process sensitive data such as financial  information)

 Potential loss of account control to Microsoft. Microsoft will not give advance warning when instances  will be shut down for upgrades

Greater control over the server allowing it to be tailored to your preferences

 Latency issues when the database is not in the  same datacenter affecting reliability and  availability

 Improved reliability, network is more resilient in the event of individual failures across the physical infrastructure

Per-use pricing model. Azure is only infrastructure and  application maintenance, so  deployment and  set-up are still the responsibility  of the end user 

 Virtualization of services maximizes hardware usage and reduces costs and complexity

 Virtual Machines (VMs) are not load balanced by default – someone needs to manually monitor  and  sudden increase in load will impact  performance

 Lower risk for hacks and if something does go wrong, there is an  immediate point person and action plan that  can be tracked internally

  No uptime guarantee

 Reduced time to deliver what users demand

 An evolving system that may be susceptible to limitations not initially known to the user

 Outlined features that are mentioned and known to the user from the get-go (you get exactly what you ask for)

Some organizations have been able to take advantage  of low cost public solutions,  specifically smaller businesses who have less  complex needs such as Office  365 and CRM Online

 Businesses with more complex requirements have realized that a  well-run private cloud provides the promise of availability, performance and compliance with a cost benefit that far surpasses that of the publicly  available cloud services