Bonus Features

Working with Microsoft Dynamics GP for many years has given us the opportunity to help clients overcome many business challenges. Through the years we have developed popular add-ons that we can pass on to you. Whether you're new to Dynamics or have been using it for many years, these solutions will enhance your solution, too!

  • Hassle - Free Time and Expense Portal

    Do you require employees to be able to enter their time and expenses from anywhere using a user-friendly web-based portal? Our integrated Time and Expense Portal for Dynamics GP enables employees to enter time and expenses anytime, anywhere without the typical limitations of Microsoft's Business Portal solution.

    • Track time and Expenses towards Clients and Projects
    • Embedded dynamic SRS reporting in solution
    • Reduce administrative burden by handling different expense taxes easily, including automatic VAT/HST Tax recovery
    • Fully integrated with Dynamics GP
    • Multi-Currency support
    • Multi-level approval workflows for employee expenses and requisitions

    Watch our Portal in action

  • Save Time and Money with WebSan's Electronic Bank Reconciliation Tool!

    Frustrated with spending too much time, money and resources reconciling your bank account? Our Electronic Bank Reconciliation tool for Dynamics GP guarantees over 95% match rate!

    • Integrates directly with your bank or works with CSV file from bank website!
    • Reduces time spent to reconcile bank account to almost nothing!
    • Simple to implement and works with GP10, GP2010 or GP2013

      erec1 erec2 
  • Simple-to-use GL Upload Utility

    Do you enter the same GL transactions every single month for Payroll, utility bills or other reasons? Do you find yourself re-keying in the same thing over and over again? Our GL upload tool enables you to upload a CSV file without having to purchase Integration Manager!

    • Completely integrated with Dynamics GP
    • Standard CSV file format supported
    • Easy to use and cost effective!

    GL Upload Tool

  • If you're already using Microsoft Dynamics GP to perform your daily accounting functions and you need a CRM system to manage your business contacts, track leads and other sales activities, we offer a FREE Microsoft Dynamics CRM Adapter to integrate Dynamics CRM to Microsoft Dynamics GP data.

    Within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics GP, separate adapters are used to identify a source system (where data is read from) and a destination system (where data is written to). The source adapter reads data from the source system. The destination adapter writes the data to the destination system.

    Record types that are integrated are referred to as “entities.” Some entity information can be integrated only one way between the two systems.

    Find out how you can integrate Dynamics CRM to Dynamics GP